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OTTO HAALBOOM Internationale Spedition e.K.
 Owner: Otto Haalboom
 Hans-Duncker-Straße 9
 21035 Hamburg / Germany

 Phone +49 (40) 7810795-0
 Fax +49 (40) 7810795-22


 Commercial register: Hamburg district court - HR A 78 433
 VAT ID no.: DE 118 873 545
 Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

 Regulatory authority:
 Ministry of Finance, Transport and Innovation:
 Stadthausbrücke 8
 20355 Hamburg

 EU licence according to EC Regulation No. 1072/2009

 Marketing and web design by StudioSzczesny – Werbeagentur, Hamburg ·

 We work exclusively according to the German Freight Forwarders' Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSp) in its latest version – currently 2003. In clause 23 of the ADSp, the legal liability for damage to goods in accordance with § 431 of the German Commercial Code (HGB) is limited to EUR 5.00 per kg for damage in the custody of the freight forwarder, to 2 per kg for multimodal shipments including carriage by sea, and to EUR 1 million or EUR 2 million or 2 SDRs per kg, whichever is the greater, for each case or event of damage. In addition, it is agreed that section 27 ADSp does not extend the liability of the freight forwarder or the attribution of fault to persons or other third parties in derogation of statutory provisions such as § 507 HGB, Art. 25 MÜ, Art. 36 CIM, Art. 20, 21 CMNI. 20, 21 CMNI, the freight forwarder as carrier is only liable for his own fault in the cases of nautical fault or fire on board listed in § 512 Para. 2 of the HGB and the freight forwarder as carrier in the sense of the CMNI is not liable for nautical fault, fire on board or defects of the vessel under the conditions stated in Art. 25 Para. 2 of the CMNI.
 Sea/air freight: Delivery times cannot be guaranteed as a matter of principle. Delivery dates are based on information provided by shipping companies or air freight companies. In particular, we shall not accept any liability in the event of events occurring during transport which are unforeseeable, beyond our control or for which we are not responsible.
 The place of performance and jurisdiction is Hamburg

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